Patrice Guy, Pyromusical Designer
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Fireworks: The art and the passion
In the past 30 years, the pyrotechnic industry has gone through a revolution. With the advent of new technology like computerized firing systems, home recording studios and show editing software, we saw the emergence of a new artform: the pyromusical fireworks show.

Today, a well crafted pyromusical show is the most powerful multimedia event anybody can experience. Designing and performing a pyromusical show requires a solid technical background in many different fields:

- Music editing
- Show scripting
- Computer programming
- Technical Drawing
- Logistics
- Crew management
- Data broadcasting and networking
- And above all, people skills!

The challenge:
Many fireworks companies feel overwhelmed when faced with the challenge of putting on a large-scale pyromusical display. I have been a pyromusical designer for 20 years and I have designed some of the world's most pretigious shows. I offer the following services:

- Creation of musical scores (any length)
- Show scripting (computerized or switch board
- Designing of all installation layouts
- World class crew available
- Pyrodigital system available
- My involvement can go all the way up to completely setting up, firing and tearing down your show.

Please note that these services are available outside south-east Asia only. For information in south-east Asia, please contact Pyromagic Productions. You will find a link to their website on the links page.
Getting ready for the
Millenium Extravaganza Show

Happy Valley race track
Hong Kong

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